Eric Górriz Muñoz
Live from Barcelona

Eric Górriz Muñoz

Co-Founder & Head of Performance, Funnel Cracks

After some young entrepreneur failures, my story started again. I found my passion: Ads!
For the last 10 years I’ve created several online businesses, scaling all of them with solid ad strategies and that brought me to open a Marketing Agency (Funnel Cracks) to help other businesses’ growth. At this point, I’ve invested over 10M€ in all platforms and currently investing almost 1M€/month for our clients.
My passion has been creating and implementing omnichannel strategies for different types of clients. For the last year, I’ve focused on the promotion of TikTok Ads as one of the core channels for every advertiser and in 2022, all my strategies include TikTok. I am helping companies and individuals get more sales or leads through complete omnichannel ad strategies. There is no perfect channel, combining more than one will always get the best results.

Presentation Title
"How to Drive Quality Leads from TikTok and Meta"
Most advertisers are struggling with ad costs but this is because the game has changed and most of them haven't understood it. Building solid omnichannel strategies, adapting every ad to its perfect fit and combining every step of the buyers’ journey will let you achieve amazing results for every business. Eric will uncover the secrets he and his team use for driving quality leads without losing all revenue and how they are doing it with a 600-800k€/mo account.