Simon Delaney
Live from London

Simon Delaney

CEO, Databowl & Co-Host, B2C Lead Gen Podcast

Simon Delaney is the CEO of Databowl - a lead management system used by Brands and Lead Buyers around the world.
Before moving into tech Simon was one of the biggest buyers of leads in the UK between 2006 - 2016.
He since founded Databowl and built the software required to help brands and lead buyers succeed.

Simon is also co-host of the B2C Lead Gen podcast. A blend of conversations, fireside chats and advice from lead gen experts.

Presentation Title

"The biggest change you can make - Remove leads you can't sell to"

35% of all prospect data on average is garbage. Removing it gives you an immediate transformation in your performance without coaching and without massive cost.

This talk will walk you through how to ensure the data you're collecting is always going to be of the highest quality. Don't miss it.